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Pyrenees on MTB Cerdanya 2 | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Crossing the Pyrenees on bike: MTB (June-August) or bicycle touring (July, France)

The Pyrenees represent the mythical environment where we satisfy some of our thirst for adventure. The great mountain range sets the stage for the coexistence of diverse physical and cultural landscapes, which represent a longer and more intense journey than is apparent if you were only to consider its measured length. The Pyrenees’ great dimensions suggest having […]

Crossing the Pyrenees on bike: MTB (June-August) or bicycle touring (July, France) Read More »

Pirinexus with La Roseta

We have enjoyed a magnificent week touring the Pyrenees through the beautiful and varied territories that cross the famous and award-winning cycle route: the Tech Valley in the south of France, the natural areas of Albera in the Empordà … The protected area of the Montgrí, the Gola del Ter, the medieval villages of the

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Lapland on Bike 7 | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Lapland on Fat Bike

From the hand of one of our best collaborators and a benchmark in the world of cycle-touring in our country, Espai Bici, we offer you an adventure on a grand scale: To Cross Lapland on Fat Bike. This adventure began more than 6 years ago, when David Casalprim, one of the heads of Espai Bici,  noticed the practice of

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Pyrenees on MTB. Irati

This month we did several mountain bike routes in the Navarre Pyrenees in the area of ​​Irati. The rain forced us to leave our bikes parked in Larrauthe first day, but we took advantage of the situation to visit the stunning nearby suspension bridge and it encouraged us to make a long circular trek from the same village.

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Spain on Bike

Paco Tortosa is a professor of the Valencia University who just published “España en Bici” (Spain on Bike), with the subtitle “Cycle-Touring with saddlebag, peaceful, poetic and sensual”. A declaration of intention of some values that Paco connects with cycle-touring and more in general with his way of understanding life. We leave for futures posts

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