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Crossing Pyrenees on bike: MTB or Road Bike

This summer Biking Through Spain launches two interesting bike trips across the Pyrenees. The bikers can choose between MTB or Road Bike modality.

First of all at the end of June we’ll move to the middle of the Pyrenees to cross the Mythical Ports that cyclist fans have dreamed about ever since seeing some phase of the Tour de France on TV: Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin… and we’ll do it in comfortable and affordable phases of 75 km on average, with van assistance, good accommodation and tasty food.

The MTB modality at the beginning of August is perfect for the most prepared and adventurous bikers that are ready to face a hard challenge: crossing the Pyrenees on MTB through the highest parts of the mountain range. We start at the Mediterranean Sea and travel is composed of 8 stages between 70 and 80 km and 1600 and 2500 mt. In the 600 kilometers that compose this challenge we cross some of the most beautiful valleys of the Catalan Pyrenees, we will contemplate nice mountain towns and we’ll enjoy good traditional cuisine.

Both challenges have a dynamic guide that will help us to achieve the goal: Sergi Fernández Tolosa (http://conunparderuedas.com)

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