Pirinexus with La Roseta

We have enjoyed a magnificent week touring the Pyrenees through the beautiful and varied territories that cross the famous and award-winning cycle route: the Tech Valley in the south of France, the natural areas of Albera in the Empordà …

The protected area of the Montgrí, the Gola del Ter, the medieval villages of the Baix Empordà, the green path of the Jungle region, the volcanic park of La Garrotxa, the green mountains of the Ripollès with the last snow on their summits

A tour that always rewards the eyes with unique landscapes and a spring with a spectacular explosion of green.   .

On this occasion Pirinexus with La Roseta,  components of the Cycling Club la Rosette of the city of Santa Rosa in the Argentine Pampa. A heterogeneous group of friendly and supportive cyclists who enjoyed the landscapes, food and people of our land.

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