Emporda Medieval Towns on Bike. Greenway | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Pirinexus on bike: Circular route through coast and mountains

Pirinexus on bike: Circular route through coast and mountains crosses the Pyrenees twice in a circular itinerary. The diversity of landscapes and the rich heritage are the elements that made this route become a finalist in the Best European Cycle-Touring Route in 2014.

Cycling through Emporda. Port de la Selva | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Cycling through Emporda

Cycling through Empordà involves a variety of surroundings and amazing landscapes which divide two protected natural areas: Cap de Creus and the Sierra de las Alberas. It provides all the ingredients to enjoy and immerse yourself in the magic which has inspired a multitude of writers and artists.

Irati forest on Bike. To Pikatua | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Irati forest on bike

The route Irati forest on bike passes through one of the best conserved beech forests. The second in extension in Europe. This prodigal of nature, widely unknown, is optimal for crossing on bikes.

Trip around Basque Country on bike. Urdaibai 3 | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Trip around Basque Country on bike

This route Through Basque Country on cycle touring is more than a cycling adventure, it’s a good opportunity to know one of the richest European Cultures: art, traditions, gastronomy and unique landscapes

Camino de Santiago bike tour. Ruta de la Plata

St. James’ Way Ruta de la Plata on bike is one of the diverse variants, and this has the singularity to follow an ancient Roman road that joined the populations of the south and north of the country. A trip full of history and exceptional territories. A very recommended route to do with bikes.

Camino de Santiago bike tour. Asturias coast | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Camino de Santiago bike tour. North Route

St. James’ Way North Route on bike is an option more physically demanding than the previous and slightly less transited. The landscapes are more mountainous and solitary and the experience of adventure travel more intense.

Camino de Santiago bike tour, French way. Mark | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Camino de Santiago bike tour, French way

Camino de Santiago French Route on bike is the most classic and traveled route. It’s best to do in months other than summer when the crowds don’t impede full enjoyment of the charms of a special route that has been done by thousand of people

Ruta ciclista integral por el Emporda Aiguamolls | BIKING THROUGH SPAIN

Empordà Bike Full Path

Empordà Bike Full Path, link of both 1st and 2nd itineraries that offer a complete perspective of the Empordà area. With one additional day for visiting the protected area of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes

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